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What is KTA? 
KTA, or Klein Theatre Arts, is the cornerstone of The Klein’s education and outreach effort providing tuition-free instruction in music, dance, and drama to Bridgeport students in grades 7 through 12. Previously known as "After School at The Klein", this program now runs year round. It is comprised of 3 components: an Acting Course that meets 3 days each week, the Klein Dance Company (which has made over 20 public appearances since its founding in 2016), and a Technical Production course that provides instruction in basic stage lighting, audio, and set construction. Graduates of the course receive paid internships and work at Klein events alongside our union stagehands.

The Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation is seeking funds to sustain and expand attendance and curriculum in the KTA program. Expanding KTA will allow more Bridgeport teens to experience the benefits of Arts Education, which has been mostly 
eliminated from public school budgets. An enhanced curriculum adds technical 
production and stagecraft, teaching skills that easily translate to the workplace. 


Why support KTA, and what is its impact?

Arts education has a well-documented and widely recognized positive impact on children’s ability to learn in school and succeed outside of school, as it builds perseverance, focus, problem solving and communication skills. Providing and expanding KTA means more Bridgeport teens will have a safe, enriching place to go after school.  Our KTA students come from 34 local schools and represent every city council district. 


Participation in this program benefits not only the students, but the larger community as parents and friends become part of the supporting team encouraging KTA students to regularly attend after school and realizing the pride of achievement at the end of semester program.  KTA serves an important need to those kids who need a safe place to go after school and whose families cannot afford alternative, fee-based arts education programs. 80-90% of this student population is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. 

In addition to the two end of semester concerts, the KTA program seeks opportunities for our students to perform at community events throughout the year.  Each year they appear in numerous Bridgeport parades including the Barnum Festival, Columbus Day, Juneteenth and Black Rock parades.  They have also danced at the 2015 Lunar Festival in Little Asia and performed reggae routines during the past 3 West Indies Jerk Festivals.


KTA funding 

KTA is made possible in part by Fairfield County's Community Foundation support, and is also funded through private and corporate contributions including the CT Office of the Arts, Werth Family Foundation, Inner City Foundation, and Bedford Family Social Responsibility Foundation. We are also grateful for the generous support of The Scripps Family Fund for Education and the Arts and dnr Laboratories. Regular fundraising events and efforts by the Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation are held to build sustained support and growth of the program.

While The Klein Auditorium building itself is owned by the City of Bridgeport, the operations of the Klein and the KTA school year program are not


Thank you for your support!

Supporting KTA is an investment in the future of the lives of Bridgeport students.  In addition to gaining performing experience, they also learn to relate better to others  and build self-confidence and social behavior skills. 



The Klein also has a complementary partnership with KEYS (Kids Empowered by Your Support), which offers private musical instrument instruction to approximately 70 Bridgeport students in grades 2 through 12.  Classes are held on Saturdays at The Klein, and the string and brass ensembles perform two concerts each school year.  On May 3, 2016 the KEYS Orchestra fulfilled a long held dream and performed at Carnegie Hall!  KEYS also prepares some students for eventual participation in the Greater Connecticut Youth Orchestras, a longtime Klein partner.

We are so proud of the leadership roles our students from KTA continue to take and hope you will join us in supporting them. 


Want more information on how you can help support KTA? Contact our

Executive Director Laurence Caso:

(800) 424-0160 x 6


The Klein is sustained by the generosity of our community.  We offer a wide range of programming and the ONLY tuition- free after school arts program in Bridgeport, Klein Theatre Arts. The Klein is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. 


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